Thursday, May 27, 2010

0y 2eyb6ard 5s br62en (my keyboard is broken)

s6 f6r s60e reas6n th5s 06rn5ng the 2eyb6ard 6n the new c60*4ter dec5ded n6t t6 w6r2. s6 5 *34gged 5n the s0a33er cra**5er 2eyb6ard that ca0e w5th 5t, and th5s started ha**en5ng. 5 g4ess 5 need t6 restart the c60*4ter f6r 5t t6 w6r2, b4t th5s 5s 25nd 6f f4n, ya+. 5 rea33y h6*e y64 a33 en16y dec5*her5ng th5s 0essage.

4h64, 5 restarted the c60*4ter and 5t st533 d6esn't w6r2. what's 4* w5th that+

Translation: so for some reason this morning the keyboard on the new computer decided not to work. so i pluffed in the smaller crappier keyboard that came with it, and this started happening. I guess I need to restart the computer for it to work, but this is kind of fun, ya? I really hope you all enjoy deciphering this message.

Uhoh, I restarted the computer and it still doesn't work. what's up with that?

Turns out I needed to turn numlock off. weird. But that means we can play with fun numbers anytime now!

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