Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I suppose I should stop slacking and finally update this blog. No too much has happened in the past few months tho. David and I went to Utah for Christmas. I got to go a few days and early and see one of my best friends get married. It was awesome, so cool to go to some one's temple sealing. I loved it.
We spent Christmas morning with Dave's family and the afternoon with my sister and her family. Dave's brother William got to go to the temple for his endowments while we were there, and that was another awesome experience. All his brothers and sisters were there in Utah for Christmas and the temple, so it was really fun. William gave his mission farewell talk while we were there too. He went into the MTC on January 20th and is now serving in the Everett Washington Mission. It's cool to have a family member on a mission; this is a first for me.
Since I couldn't get any financial aid this semester, I'm just working on some Independent Study classes. Slowly but surely I'm moving along. The deadline is so far away that I sometimes lack motivation. I've had a wrench thrown in my graduation plans when Independent Study decided to stop offering 3 classes that I needed. Right now it looks like I will be going CSULA for their spring term and taking a few classes, and then I will be back on track to go back to BYU in the fall and graduate. I'm ready to be done with school, although entering the work force does scare me a little bit. Hopefully I can find an internship this summer to ease some of that apprehension and really get my foot into the engineering community.
So since I just sit around the house all day now, I decided to start exercising before I get heart disease or something. Right now my goal is just 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times I week, so I've been going running. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with running, sometimes I love it and sometimes I loathe it. Right now I'm loving it; it's actually been fun. I still stink at it, I can barely run a mile and that takes me 15 minutes, but I want to get better, and I will.
This last week or so we've been having issues with water. Water has been dripping from our ceiling and luckily into our bathtub. We talked to the neighbors on the second floor, and they were getting ready to call a plumber, but the next day their ceiling started leaking too, so we discovered the leak was coming from the 3rd floor. The guy up there has to work all week, so we had to wait until the weekend for a plumber to come. In the meantime we had our water on that side of the condo turned off. Luckily we have 2 bathrooms and were still able to shower. The leak is fixed now, and an inspector from his insurance company came today to look at our damage. We have some problems, and most of them are from mold. In the closet next to the bathroom there is a hole cut in the wall for our jacuzzi tub, and boy does it stink under there. Water was dripping down there the whole times and the mold has been loving it. Our ceiling is still wet too, and our wall is discolored. Hopefully the guy's insurance will pay for all the repairs that we need, and hopefully they will be repaired soon. I can't wait until we have our own house and we're responsible for our own problems.
Since this is finally the last season of Lost, David decided it was time for him to watch it. I've seen the first 3 seasons and loved them, so I'm excited to watch it too. We kind of "marathoned" the first season, but we're going slower with season 2. Dave figured that if we watch 1 episode a day we will be all caught up when this last season ends. Dave's really loving it so far I think. He's always ready to watch the next episode.
We found out this week that the awesome organ-playing Elder in our ward is finally getting transferred after 8 months. He was a great missionary and we'll miss him, and he was an amazing organ player. Unfortunately, our ward is lacking in pianists and I'm apparently next on the list. I was getting comfortable with the primary songs, but now I'll have to get comfortable with the hymns. I'm not officially called yet, but most likely I'll be having a chat with the bishopric next Sunday. Its bad enough to have me play, but my ward will be doubly disappointed after having an organ performance major playing for the last 8 months. Sunday should be pretty interesting.
Dave's job is going well. He finished up Cats & Dogs 2 in December and is now on the development team, still at Sony. This means he helps make tools and scripts for the computer programs at work. He really likes it and says its where he wants to be. Last week and today he's been carpooling with a guy in our ward who also works at Sony, although at a building down the street. I think they're having fun together. It saves them time on the way to work, and hopefully we will enjoy the savings soon.
That's all I can think of that has happened recently. I'll try to update this more as things happen, especially since it's not like I'm too busy to do this. But for now, ciao!