Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer Already!

I thought I should start my summer off with a bang. To that effect I took a trip down to Zion National Park where I spent a day and a half wandering the park taking photos and drawing sketches as my whim took me. In one day, I figured I hiked over 9 miles, and one of those hikes was the craziest, but funnest hike I have ever done. For those of you who know it, its called Angels Landing. For those of you who don't, its only a 2.5 mile trail, but you climb about half a vertical mile and the last half mile is just you the sandstone trail, some chains to help you out and two sheer cliffs on either side. Some crazy stuff there. I think they said that on average 2 people die every year on this trail, but that could just be imagining things. It did lead to some inspiring views though:

This little beauty was also right on a cliff, which actually had a huge arch being carved in it. The trail to get there was much easier and had only a moderate level of cliffs involved. Its called canyon lookout.

There was also quite a bit of wild life that came my way. The most prominent were the squirrels which liked to come right up to you:

They even started going through your bags if they thought there was a treat inside:

Other then the squirrels, I saw eagles, deer, chipmunks, wild turkeys (huge), quite a few insects and other creepy crawlies and a few lizards. I only wish I could have completed the whole wildlife gambit with some gray foxes and a cougar. Overall it was a great trip with some nice rejuvenating "me" time.

In other news I got a call from Sony Pictures Imageworks this week and they offered me an internship for this summer. I don't know all the details yet, but supposedly I'll be working on their upcoming feature film and will be there from mid June to mid August. I am super excited!