Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thanksgiving and Such

So this Thanksgiving was mine and Dave's first one together. Thanksgiving season also marks the anniversary of our first date. So it was a very happy weekend. We went over the Nah's house for dinner, who are some of our friends in the ward. It was delicious, I love thanksgiving food.

On Friday, I had to work all morning. Dave spent his day at the verizon store, checking out new phone plans for us. He took me back there after work, and we got our new phones. He got the new Droid and loves it. He's turning into a phone junkie now. I got a Chocolate Touch, and its pretty great. I'm mostly happy that I now have a California phone number and that I actually get reception in my house now.

After getting the phones, we left on our first camping trip together. We left kind of late, so we drove a few hours up the California Coast, found a camping spot near the beach and spent the night. It was super windy, and we couldn't get our stakes in the ground, so the tent was blowing everywhere. It wasn't a very pleasant night. In the morning, we drove a few more hours up the coast to Big Sur and camped there. This was a much nicer campsite: it was right next to the river, had lots of trees, and we could get our tent stakes in the ground. So we spent the night there, had smores and whatnot. It was fun.

We drove back on Sunday, but we stopped a few places on the way. We stopped at a really cool beach with big rocks and big waves and took tons of pictures. We also stopped to see the Elephant Seals lounging on the beach. They were big and fat and lazy, but still cool to see. It was like going to the zoo, but in the wild. The seals were near Hearst Castle, which we stopped at the visitors center for on the way up. W.W. Hearst built a huge mansion up on top of on of the hills. The tickets were ridiculously expensive, so we just looked at pictures in the visitors center. It looked pretty extravagant and we got a lot of ideas for our dream home. The drive itself was beautiful. We had a great weekend.