Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thanksgiving and Such

So this Thanksgiving was mine and Dave's first one together. Thanksgiving season also marks the anniversary of our first date. So it was a very happy weekend. We went over the Nah's house for dinner, who are some of our friends in the ward. It was delicious, I love thanksgiving food.

On Friday, I had to work all morning. Dave spent his day at the verizon store, checking out new phone plans for us. He took me back there after work, and we got our new phones. He got the new Droid and loves it. He's turning into a phone junkie now. I got a Chocolate Touch, and its pretty great. I'm mostly happy that I now have a California phone number and that I actually get reception in my house now.

After getting the phones, we left on our first camping trip together. We left kind of late, so we drove a few hours up the California Coast, found a camping spot near the beach and spent the night. It was super windy, and we couldn't get our stakes in the ground, so the tent was blowing everywhere. It wasn't a very pleasant night. In the morning, we drove a few more hours up the coast to Big Sur and camped there. This was a much nicer campsite: it was right next to the river, had lots of trees, and we could get our tent stakes in the ground. So we spent the night there, had smores and whatnot. It was fun.

We drove back on Sunday, but we stopped a few places on the way. We stopped at a really cool beach with big rocks and big waves and took tons of pictures. We also stopped to see the Elephant Seals lounging on the beach. They were big and fat and lazy, but still cool to see. It was like going to the zoo, but in the wild. The seals were near Hearst Castle, which we stopped at the visitors center for on the way up. W.W. Hearst built a huge mansion up on top of on of the hills. The tickets were ridiculously expensive, so we just looked at pictures in the visitors center. It looked pretty extravagant and we got a lot of ideas for our dream home. The drive itself was beautiful. We had a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sister Visit and Update

So about 2 weeks ago my big sister Tracy drove down from Utah with her kids to visit us in our new house. It was tons of fun and so great to have family visit.

We had lunch with Marcy Jackson, who was a good friend way back in Michigan, so that was super fun.

We also spent a day at the beach. The kids had never been to a real beach before. Kenny kept saying "We don't need to go to the beach, we can just pretend." We had to make them go. But once they got there, they really enjoyed playing in the sand.

In other news, Dave's dad got called as Bishop in his home ward last Sunday, so we flew up to Utah to share in the joy. It was an awesome experience. All of Dave's siblings except his brother in Texas, Dave's grandparents, and his Aunt and Uncle all came to church on Sunday. We got to sit in on the blessings afterward and the spirit was so strong. It was such a testimony builder. We had so much fun visiting with his family afterward. (We also stopped in to see Tracy and return a Go Fish fish she left in California). It was a super fun weekend.

Before we went to Utah, I had a job interview at an outdoor ice rink right in the downtown of LA, and yesterday I found out I got the job! I think it will be really fun and will help me remember more that the holidays are approaching. Sometimes here in sunny California I forget that it's fall, although the weather has been quite a bit cooler recently (cooler as in 70's instead of 90's). Anyway, I'm glad I finally found a job, even if it just seasonal. I've been looking since we moved here, so even a small success seems big. Hopefully now we can afford a few extra things, like a dining room table, and paying off credit cards/student loans sooner.

That's the latest in the life of the Dunn's. More to come soon.

Monday, November 02, 2009


So not much happened this Halloween. It was probably the least I'd ever done for the holiday, but it was still great and I had fun. Our ward had a Halloween trunk or treat party a few weeks back that we went too, that was pretty much it. We didn't get any decorations for our condo. We didn't even carve pumpkins, which I really wanted to do after I found out that Dave has never carved a pumpkin in his entire life! My family always got pumpkins for all of us kids and we each did our own, but I guess in Dave's family they just got one pumpkin and his mom carved it every year. Next year that is definitely on the to do list for Halloween. You haven't lived until you've carved a pumpkin. Our HOA didn't open our front doors, so we couldn't get any trick-or-treaters this year. Dave and I dressed up just for each other, watched some old tv shows and ate the candy that was supposed to be for the kids. It was pretty great. It was weird having 90 degree weather on Halloween. In Michigan (where I grew up) we'd sometimes get snow on that day. Crazy. Anyway, that's our Halloween update. I hope you all had a spooky time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Steal!

So, my friend Kristi told me when Dave and I were engaged that we have start a blog when we got married, all married people do it. I thought that was pretty silly, I barely knew anyone with a blog, but then all my friends got married this summer and I discovered she was right! All married people do have blogs. And since David doesn't use this anymore really and I'm too lazy to start my own, I stole this one. So this is our new family blog. I have no idea how to use it really, except to post this, but hopefully I will figure more stuff out soon.

Anyway, let me give you an update. David and I got married July 3rd, 2009 at the Salt Lake City Temple. It was probably the best day of my life, and definitely the best day of Dave's; ok definitely mine too.

For our honeymoon, we took a cruise to the Cayman Islands, Roatan Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. It was tons of fun! This picture is at some Mayan Ruins in Mexico.

After that we moved me from Utah to California. Dave had been living down here for several months before we got married, and I finally got to join him. We bounced around a few places in LA but we're finally settled in our new condominium in Encino. It's pretty great, except we still have boxes of stuff to unpack. Good thing we have a second bedroom to hide all our mess. Married life is pretty great, for me at least. I'm sure Dave thinks so too. How could living with me be anything but great? Anyway, I recommend getting married to everyone: you'll really enjoy it. That's really all I wanted to say today. Stay tuned for more...