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Merry Christmas!

2010 Dunn Family Christmas Letter

     Season’s Greetings to our family and friends spread all over the world! Another year is passing away, which means it is Christmas letter time. As we look back and ponder on what has passed this year, we know we are blessed. We are so lucky to have a beautiful home to live in, food on the table, clean water from the tap, and such great people in our lives. It was great to have family be able to visit us and for us to be able to visit family.
     One of the biggest adventures that we shared this year was taking a vacation to Japan to visit Kelly’s family. Her sister Tracy and her 3 (plus one half) kids were able to come also. We had lots of fun visiting sights around Tokyo, including castles, giant Buddhas, Tokyo Disney Sea, the Tokyo Temple, shopping for electronics, and just being able to spend time with Kelly’s family. It was a great trip and was enjoyed by all.
     David is still working at Sony Pictures Imageworks. He got his first on-screen movie credit this year, when Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore was released in July. But for most of the year he has been on the Development Team, which involves programming lots of tools for different needs. He has been able to help out with Green Lantern, The Green Hornet, and Smurfs. Luckily he had great timing and got crewed to Arthur Christmas the week before Christmas and will work on that through February which will help him keep the Christmas spirit year round. In October, David was called as the executive secretary in our church ward. The new calling has been keeping him busy and helping him get to church on time on Sundays, especially while Kelly wasn't there to keep him in line.
      Kelly took 3 classes at California State University Los Angeles in the spring, and also completed a few independent study classes in preparation for her return to BYU in the Fall. She lived in Provo for the Fall Semester in order to finish her degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (feel free to send graduation gifts). While at BYU, she was a member of the ASCE Student Steel Bridge Competition design team. Her steel bridge design will go to the Rocky Mountain Conference competition in April of 2011. She also took the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and recently got her results back: she passed and is officially an Engineer in Training. Earlier in the year, Kelly was called as the Sacrament pianist in our ward. She has developed a great love for the piano and is happy that she still gets to be the primary pianist.
      Kelly and David have also been having fun vlogging (vlog = video log) all year long. We are having lots of fun documenting our adventures. It has also been a unique form of communication during our time apart. If you would like to follow our exploits, feel free to check it out at (yes this is a shameless promotion. We want to be YouTube stars one day!)
      We hope that during this wonderful time of year, we may all remember the true reason for the season: Jesus Christ. After all, what is Christmas without Christ? Just a bunch of mass! We wish you all the best in everything that you do, and hope that your year was as wonderful as ours.
           With love,
           David and Kelly Dunn

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Home! (and Home Alone 2)

PS my yucky hair is courtesy of sitting in a car for 10 hours and the crazy rain in California.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New niece!

So at about 7 or so last night I finally got the call that I've been waiting for: baby time! Julie and I drove up to Salt Lake to stay with Tracy's kids while they went to her midwife to finally have the baby. The kids were mostly in bed, but I think the excitement kept them up. Since Ruth had a long nap she got to stay up late with us while Kenny and Tommy went to bed. We finally got to sleep around midnight, after we'd heard the good news. Kenny woke up around 3 crying so I had to get up and help him with whatever was wrong, I'm still not sure. He wanted to go upstairs and ended up sleeping on the couch the rest of the night. I had to get him up for school at 7. After he left I took a little nap, but I feel like I didn't get enough sleep. But I suppose it was worth it, to be able to see little Helen Grace. Tommy was really funny when he saw the baby. He seemed to think it was great and was very excited. The other kids were excited too, of course.

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Home remedy drain unclogger

If you don't want to buy expensive drain cleaners or to pour those harsh chemicals down your drain, try this: pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain, using a little bit of water to wash it down. Then pour 1/2 cup of vinegar down the drain and cover with a stopper to keep it in. About 1/2 hour later, pour some boiling water down the drain to help it clear out.

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Day of Infamy

I also want to say happy birthday to my sister Tracy. I hope that baby comes soon!