Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Two worlds, One family


Well, Kelly made a video on her much crappier camera phone, but the sound doesn't want to upload along with the video, so we have a blogger video. Hope it works for you all. All in all, her world of school at Cal State LA is coming to an end. Today was her last day of finals, yay! She accidentally forgot her drawing tools for her soils class, but the boy next to her was kind enough to share when he saw her lack. She finished the test really fast though. It was only 2 questions, and took her about half an hour, but it seemed that the rest of the students were going to be there much longer. We'll see how it turns out. Her other test, Math 209, went fairly well too. No more school for her for a little while. And speaking of school later on, she finally got a letter of recommendation of sorts from the Civil Engineering department and sent it into admissions appeals. Hopefully admissions will grant her access (and soon!) back to the school in Fall and then she can be done with school once and for all!

EDIT: Got Kelly's video to upload properly. Enjoy!

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